About Us

We are a local Community Based Organization named Solidarity Initiative for Refugees. We are based in Kakuma, Kenya. Our mission includes providing the host community and refugees with skills in web based technologies and app development alongside access to online studies. Furthermore, we deliver adult training and enable youths to seek, apply for, and complete, online and offline freelancing jobs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give back to every youth what insecurity, discrimination, war, and disaster took away from them. We hope to accomplish this by providing them with skills in marketable trades, consequently freeing their potential.

Our Core values

- Volunteerism
- Integrity
- Compassion
- Hope and Dignity
- Innovation not Imitation
- Accountability

Our Vision

We aim to enhance/improve people’s lives through Education and livelihood with the use of digital Technology as a major key to influence positive change in order to guarantee more human conditions to all living beings.               

Join our Fight

With your support we will free the potential of our youth and give them opportunity to learn and become the leaders of tomorrow

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All together we are strong. Volunteerism is the soul which forms the foundation of our organization

Management Team

Bahana Hydrogene
Executive Director
Jessy I. Volonte
Operations/P Coordinator
Akim Gai Ruei
Human Resource Officer
Fabrice Kitala
Finance Officer


Supporting Staffs

Henri Malu Malu
Matabishi John
Logistics Officer
Lule Ponsiano
Ebengo Honore

Our Partners

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Kakuma 3 Zone 3 Block 9, Turkan west, Kenya

Phone Number

+254 796761503

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